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NESC accepting the draft health financing strategy - April 2010 - P4H Network

NESC accepting the draft health financing strategy – April 2010

The draft healthcare financing strategy has been accepted by the National Economic and Social Council (NESC: national advisory agency for policy analysis and development – see website); both Ministries of Health are in the process of developing proposals for the Cabinet in line with NESC recommendations; and an Inter-agency Coordinating Committee (ICC) on health-care financing has been formed.

There has also been an intensive communications push, including public lectures and forums, and a consensus-building campaign bringing all social health protection stakeholders together. Furthermore, substantial “pro-poor” analytical work has been undertaken and disseminated.

The joint strategic process has formed a sound basis for linking various work streams and support interventions. Notable examples include:

  • The German Health Programme (through GTZ) and UK/DFID are jointly piloting the introduction of the Healthcare Financing Strategy on increasing access to the poor, and the next phase of the voucher programme (KfW) will be fully integrated into the strategy.
  • Social Protection schemes under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development have been linked to the Healthcare Financing Strategy through moderating consultations between donors, MoGCSD, MOHs and NHIF, notably by procuring NHIF memberships for cash transfer beneficiaries.
  • Significant support to Social Health Protection reforms have been included in the new WB programme.
  • The upcoming ILO mission to Kenya (29 June to 2 July) is being coordinated with the Kenyan HF Strategy team and process.