New document on out-of-pocket payments in Bangladesh is now available

This study aimed to examine the burden of out-of-pocket payment and forgone healthcare in Bangladesh, and further explores the inequalities in catastrophic health expenditures (CHE) and forgone healthcare at the national and sub-national levels. Data came from the national cross-sectional survey  2016–17. Findings showed that approximately 25% of individuals incurred CHE and 14% of the population had forgone healthcare. The most common reasons for forgone healthcare were treatment cost (17%), followed by none to accompany or need for permission (5%), and distance to health facility (3%). This study calls for incorporation of a social safety net in the health financing system, expansion of health facilities, and priority in access to health care given to disadvantaged populations. To read full article, please follow the link below.

Photo by Moshiur Rahman Bijoy from Pexels


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