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NHI: proposed institutional and organizational set-up -/01/2014 - P4H Network

NHI: proposed institutional and organizational set-up -/01/2014

GIZ shares a report for the proposed institutional and organizational set up for the National Health Insurance (NHI) of Nepal along with its functions and functionaries.   [This refers to one of the 10 work packages outlined in the previous Intranet entry on 2.12.13]

A new institution with the working name National Health Insurance Agency (NHIA) is proposed to be established at an early stage of the design and implementation of the new national scheme.  It could be a very small organisation to begin with (10-15 employees) with a concrete task to finalize the design of the new scheme and prepare its implementation. The NHIA would be in a semi-autonomous position to the Ministry of Health and Population. It is proposed that its operation will be supervised by a Steering Committee composed of representatives of different ministries and other relevant authorities…

Read full report:  2013_12_Nepal_NHI_org_setup_GIZ_FinalReport

The report has been submitted to the MoHP, which has not yet given final comments, but agreed that it can be shared with other partners.


Presentation by author Dr. Nemec:  2013_12_Nepal_MoHP_NHI_instit-setup