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Nigeria's $18B healthcare landscape: Partnering for sustainable health financing. - P4H Network

Nigeria’s $18B healthcare landscape: Partnering for sustainable health financing.

With its growing population and substantial healthcare market, Nigeria’s health sector aims to tackle health systems challenges through strategic partnerships for sustainable health financing. One such collaboration is with the Netherlands, which shows progress towards reforms in the sector.
Nigeria, with its large population, faces significant healthcare challenges, including low public spending, high out-of-pocket spending, and high levels of catastrophic health spending. To address these issues, Nigeria is focusing on sustainable health financing through strategic partnerships, as evidenced by the 2017 Health Financing Policy and Strategy in selected states and the approval of Health Accounts at federal and state levels. The country is also working on strengthening health financing equity, investment governance, and coordination structures. Additionally, efforts are being made to improve the availability of essential interventions for non-communicable diseases and mental health, and to ensure adequate domestic revenue generation for health from public and private sources.