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OASIS (Institutional and Organizational ASsessment for Improving and Strengthening Health Financing) - P4H Network

OASIS (Institutional and Organizational ASsessment for Improving and Strengthening Health Financing)

Short description
OASIS is an analytical approach used to assess a country’s current health financing situation and the way it functions and performs. This approach consists of three steps: a health financing system overview with a health financing performance assessment, a more detailed institutional-organizational analysis, and an identification of options and necessary changes for health financing improvements.
Trainings can be arranged and tailored for specific audience and needs. An introductory session on OASIS is usually organized for about half a day, while a full in-depth training takes three days.


The OASIS approach serves policy-makers:

  • to acquire a detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of a health financing system through a thorough health system review including a performance assessment
  • to identify appropriate improvement measures and policy options in order to enhance health financing performance and move towards universal coverage
  • to develop a health financing policy/strategy
  • to assess the impact of recently implemented health financing reforms
  • to review the adequacy and anticipate the impact of planned health financing reforms.

Methodology and type of data required

  • Qualitative data on health financing actors and organizations, their institutional design and organizational practice in health financing through interviews and discussions with key health financing stakeholders;
  • Contents analysis of policies, legal provisions and regulations relating to health financing;
  • Secondary analysis of quantitative data (national health accounts statistics; household expenditure survey results; government budgets, in particular ministry of health budgets; HMIS data, health service utilization data; health insurance statistics).

Users/Target audience
OASIS is intended to be used by health financing experts and senior technical staff at Ministries of Health, Finance, Planning, Labour as well as other health financing stakeholders outside government that have a policy advisory role in health financing.

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