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OneHealth Tool

Short description
OneHealth Tool is supported by the UN and it is designed to strengthen health systems analysis and costing and to develop financing scenarios at the country level. The advantage of the OneHealth Tool is that planners have a single framework for planning, costing, impact analysis, budgeting and financing, and assessing the feasibility of implementing strategies for all major diseases and health system components.

The OneHealth Tool is used at the sector wide level and its goal is to assess health investment needs in low- and middle-income countries, for a time horizon of 3-10 years into the future.

Methodology and type of data required
The model covers the national health sector, with a focus on public sector health interventions. It has incorporated preloaded assumptions on interventions, but these can be updated with more accurate data or adapted by each country.
It also allows for incorporating activities in the private sector and costing of selected non-health sector activities that may have health impacts.
The model considers the demands on the health system, whether from a system/wide perspective or a programme-specific perspective. Planning for improving service delivery can be done either by programme or by level of delivery (community, health centre, hospital level, etc.).The model can be used for both national and sub-national activities. Bottleneck assessment can be used to assess constraints in the health system and propose solutions.
Direct links and checks are built in between different modules.

Users/Target audience
Experts involved in the national health planning, including government health Planners, UN agencies, NGOs, donors, researchers and consultants

IHP+, World Health Organization (WHO)



costing and strategic tool, policy analysis, financing scenarios

Some of the UN tools are already integrated in the OneHealth Tool (Goals, MBB, Resource Needs Model etc.) and the plan is to continue incorporating more of these tools.