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P4H Mission to Kenya - October 2016 - P4H Network

P4H Mission to Kenya – October 2016

Development partners engaged in supporting, monitoring, and advocating for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) show strong interest in exchanging on the UHC agenda.

And on effective collaboration on finalizing and implementing the Kenyan health financing strategy. P4H+ partners (GIZ, KfW, USAID, WB, WHO and JICA) in Kenya are key to this process. P4H has offered to facilitate a half-day meeting among key health financing partners to jointly explore the possibilities to further accelerate the UHC agenda in Kenya by best capitalizing on the available network experiences and capacities. The main objective of the meeting was to obtain feedback from P4H+ partners in Kenya on the status quo of the health financing strategy (HFS) development, strengths and weaknesses of ongoing process and on potential support needs to advance the UHC agenda by 2030. The meeting aimed to build consensus on the role, desired level and intensity of P4H support. Specific objectives of the meeting:

  • Provide an overview of P4H in the context of UHC 2030 and examples of P4H networking in other countries – especially Tanzania, Cambodia, West Africa (as regional model) including the role of P4H Country Focal Person (CFP) function and P4H sample TOR for networking and collaboration;
  • Jointly define support needs for Kenya

    • Satus of the Kenyan health financing strategy 

    • Brief recap of P4H work to date in Kenya as well as Global Financing Facility (GFF) support

    • What coordination needs do P4H+ Partner’s see in relation to pushing the UHC agenda?

  • Jointly conclude on the added value of P4H support to Kenya – how can it be deepened?

    • Identify and build consensus on the key functions of networking and collaboration (incl. integration of GFF and other vertical funding mechanisms);

    • Clarify the role of P4H in the context of IHP+ for UHC, and discuss the role of a P4H CFP (options: continue backstopping as before, intensified backstopping on specifically identified areas/ with clear roadmap, in country presence of P4H CFP, EAC level P4H presence);

    • Discuss the role of the P4H Leadership for UHC program to tackle political economy issues of UHC.


07 Oct 2016