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P4H update -/10/2016 - P4H Network

P4H update -/10/2016

The HF situation analysis is still on-going with the support of the WB. The final draft is expected by the end of October 2016. In this framework we expect also the final reports of different studies: PFM & HF, political economy, but also “fiscal space analysis & efficiency”.


At the same time, ILO is supporting the government with preliminary work on the benefit package and the UHC architecture. ILO has also contracted a consultant to analyze the different targeting methodologies to design a national one.


As far as the group of Health DPs is concerned, we have officialized the creation of the sub-group “Health financing”. The TORs of the group will be finalized and validated in October.


We have initiated the collaboration between the WB and CIDR to work on the articulation of PBF and Chèque Santé (vouchers). Although there is a clear request from the MOH, it’s not very clear if the partners have all the same interests. We might need support from the P4H CD at a higher level in the coming weeks.


Other major steps in the process of designing a HFS for UHC:


·       Interministerial committee meeting to present progresses: Dec 2016 – Jan 2017


·       (Probably) recruiting a team of consultants (Public health, health economist, actuary and legal expert) to support finalizing options


·       Selection of the option (May/June), finalizing the HF strategy (July…) , developing an operational plan, etc.