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Partnership for UHC - some suggestions - P4H Network

Partnership for UHC – some suggestions

Mail from P4H CD on 26 June 2013:

Please find attached a small feedback and some suggestions regarding the ‘Partnership for UHC’ group.  It would be great if you could discuss and consider some of them during your next meeting.
Btw. we’re almost done with the  P4H Intranet I mentioned during the last meeting.  We are expecting it to be operational and at your disposal in August.  Will keep you in the loop.
Your comments on the suggestions are most welcome.
Many thanks and greetings from Lusaka,


Response by Rob Yates (WHO) on 27 June 2013

Many thanks for your helpful suggestions Michael which will discuss at our next meeting. I certainly like the idea of the rotating chair because I feel I have done my time now!

Best regards