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Resource Needs Model, HIV/AIDS - P4H Network

Resource Needs Model, HIV/AIDS

Short description
This model calculates the total resources needed for prevention, care, and orphan support for HIV/Aids on a national level. It can assist national-level strategic planning efforts by providing a tool and methodology to examine the financial resources needed to implement a variety of prevention interventions, care and treatment programs, and orphan support.

The purpose of this model is to estimate the financial resources required to reach target coverage levels for HIV prevention, treatment, care and mitigation.

Methodology and type of data required
This spreadsheet-based model contains three sub-models: the prevention models (which calculate the cost of 12 prevention interventions); the care and treatment models (which estimate the cost of five types of care and treatment programmes); and the orphan support model (which calculates the cost of three interventions to support orphaned by AIDS).
For estimating the costs, it uses: target population x coverage x unit cost.

Users/Target audience
Planners developing national HIV/AIDS strategic plans

Futures Institute

John Stover –


costing tool, planning tool

Resource Needs Model is integrated in the OneHealth tool and no further updates will be provided.

04 Jan 2015