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Review meeting of the working group on health financing in Niger - P4H Network

Review meeting of the working group on health financing in Niger

The month of June marks the end of the first half-year and the he meeting of Niger’s health financing working group was intended as a stock-taking meeting on current issues, with a view to updating the work plan for the 2nd half of the year, taking into account old and new priorities identified by the new Secretary General of the Ministry of Health.



0.       Feedback on the P4H-SG exchange on financing priorities  (and TDR of PF P4H in PJ)


1.       Cross-functional files 

a.       Study of the costs and structure of financing the healthcare offer at the operational level : finalized ToR, financing issues and support portage

b.       Health financing strategy – Consolidated TOR, financing issues and portage

c.        MAJ other studies in progress or planned (updated schedule in PJ)


2.        Continuedsupport for the operationalization of INAM

a.       Advanced

b.       Files in progress

c.        Next steps

d.       Testing a change management approach based on the IAC/RRI approach


3.        Continueddiscussions and support for the reform of the Fond Commun Santé

a.       Brief review of the study of possible reform of the FCS (PPT presentation in PJ)

b.       Review of discussions with MSP and TFPs

c.        Next steps


4.       Finalization of work on the alignment of a ” santé ” budgetary aid.

a.       Advanced

b.       Ongoing discussions

c.        Next steps


5.       Improved predictability of TFP contributions and annual activity planning exercises

a.       Advanced

b.       Dossier in progress (funding mapping and gradual integration into the CNS)

c.        Dossier to come : improved planning and CTNS


(New priorities proposed / validated by SG)

6.       Rationalization / reorganization of MSP technical committees and their internal and cross-functional operations, as part of the reform of program budgets.


7.       Development of analyses and policy proposals to improve the national financing system and the efficiency of healthcare spending ” from the bottom up “.



Event Time : 24 Jun 2022 7:00 am to 24 Jun 2022 9:30 am
Timezone: UTC+01:00
Event is Conference : No