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Revitalizing Ireland's Healthcare System in 2024: A Resilient Path Forward - P4H Network

Revitalizing Ireland’s Healthcare System in 2024: A Resilient Path Forward

Ireland’s healthcare landscape faces challenges in 2024, with medicine shortages, an ageing population, and the push for universal healthcare. Reforms, innovation, and empowering pharmacists are pivotal in this critical juncture.

As Ireland approaches potential elections, healthcare takes centre stage amidst medicine shortages, staffing crises, and an ageing population. The government aims for universal healthcare, increased investment, and reform through the Sláintecare initiative. Key 2024 focuses include the Mazars Working Group’s recommendations, the Strategic Digital Health and Social Care Framework, addressing ageing concerns, and advocating for innovative drugs.

The Irish Pharmaceutical Union highlights the ongoing challenge of medicine shortages, while the Irish health service eyes a transformation by empowering pharmacists through the Expert Taskforce on Pharmacy. The European Health Data Space and legislative developments also shape the healthcare landscape. MEP Grace O’Sullivan emphasizes the urgency to adapt health systems for an ageing demographic without burdening younger generations. Overall, 2024 presents a crucial juncture for Ireland’s healthcare, emphasizing progress, innovation, and inclusivity.