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Roadmap for the health financing strategy process - P4H Network

Roadmap for the health financing strategy process

The health financing workshop concluded with the development of a roadmap for the health financing strategy process. The roadmap implementation will be led by the HEU with inputs from the Health Financing Resource Group. Milestones of the roadmap include:

• the development of a vision for UC, goals and objectives for the HF strategy by end of Oct 2011 (max 2-page document to be prepared by HEU, commented by network partners; should keep in mind the identified key challenges such as improving resource mobilization, reducing OOP spending, improving resource allocation and efficiency; should be guided by WHO’s framework and the 3 dimensions of universal coverage);

• a meeting with the Honorable Prime Minister before mid-November; and

• the development of a draft document outlining strategic components / thrusts to address the vision, goals and objectives by mid of Jan 2012.