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Russia launched a hotline "AntiFakeCovid" to battle infodemia - P4H Network

Russia launched a hotline “AntiFakeCovid” to battle infodemia

The Russian “Public Chamber on countering dissemination of inaccurate information, public control and Internet security” is launching an online hotline “AntiFakeCovid” aimed at increasing the effectiveness of countering the spread of fake information about the coronavirus, said the head of the working group from the Public Chamber Alexander Malkevich.

In his opinion, the spread of fakes about vaccines, coronavirus, quarantine measures during a pandemic is threatening.

“Fake information are different in origin, form and content, but they all negatively affect the information field, the emotional sphere of citizens. In addition, fake information is the cause of real losses — the health and lives of tens of thousands of people who, under their influence, refuse to receive vaccines or medical care, decline from necessary preventive measures, and give in to panic and irrational fears, “- said Malkevich during a forum called “Community “.

Alexander Malkevich also announced that in the first half of 2021, the Public Chamber with the help of cyber volunteers, revealed 13 thousand fake information materials on the topic of coronavirus, and 23 thousand on the topic of vaccination.

Anyone can fill out a special form on the website of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation about a probable fake he has noticed. All information will be summarized and verified, qualified explanations will be given on revealed fake publications, Malkevich assured.


Published on 03 Nov 2021