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SimIns Health Financing Policy Tool - P4H Network

SimIns Health Financing Policy Tool

Short description
SimIns is a computerized tool facilitates health financing policy decisions by projecting health expenditure and funding for a 10 year time period. It can be applied to both existing and planned schemes.


SimIns contributes to financial planning in health insurance over the medium term, predicting the broad contours of health financing possibilities. Its purpose is:

  • To illustrate the implications of initial policies for a health insurance scheme and thus supporting analysis of different policy options;
  • To determine contributions, utilization rates and health care costs that ensure financial equilibrium of a health insurance scheme under dynamic conditions;
  • To demonstrate the impact that the introduction of health insurance would have on the overall structure of health financing;
  • To illustrate the impact of health insurance on public finance.

Methodology and type of data required
The underlying model is complex due to the large number of options allowing the user to model many different health financing setups. Thus, the user has to have a good overview of the way health financing is organized.Data requirements include population data, utilization and cost of health services, coverage levels, macroeconomic data, and health spending (NHA) data.

Users/Target audience
Policy makers

World Health Organization (WHO)



policy tool, projection tool regarding SHI revenue and expenditure