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Social Insurance Assessment Tool (SIAT) - P4H Network

Social Insurance Assessment Tool (SIAT)

Short description
SIAT has three components: a framework, an assessment questionnaire, and a spreadsheet-based model.

The purpose of SIAT is to provide a framework and tools to help countries assess options for expanding social insurance coverage and make decisions about social insurance policies.

Methodology and type of data required
The framework is a guide to help users understand issues related to social insurance, assess their current system and consider options for change in the context of health reform. The assessment questionnaire helps to examine critical areas that must be considered in planning a social insurance system. In the spreadsheet-based model one can plug in country data, do testing, and create different possible scenarios given the current situation of a country.

Users/Target audience
Public sector decision-makers and policy-makers at the national level

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04 Jan 2015