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South Africa intensifying efforts to implement NHI, says Ramaphosa. - P4H Network

South Africa intensifying efforts to implement NHI, says Ramaphosa.

President Ramaphosa reaffirms commitment to improving healthcare in South Africa by endorsing the implementation of the NHI. Efforts include enhancing clinic quality and providing superior care for all citizens, regardless of financial capacity

President Cyril Ramaphosa has reiterated his dedication to improving the accessibility and quality of healthcare in South Africa. During discussions on the State of the Nation Address on 16 February, he emphasized the significant role that quality healthcare plays in enhancing citizens’ overall quality of life. Ramaphosa affirmed

We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering top-notch healthcare to all individuals, irrespective of their financial capacity. Consequently, we will progressively implement the National Health Insurance (NHI), once the requisite legislative measures receive approval from the esteemed parliament.

Furthermore, the president emphasised the government’s proactive measures in preparing for the forthcoming implementation of the NHI. A national quality improvement plan has been set in motion, which encompasses the enhancement of care standards in clinics through the implementation of the ideal clinic program. The President explained

To ensure that our clinics provide superior care, we are actively enhancing their quality through the implementation of the ideal clinic program, while harnessing the capabilities of the electronic vaccination record system that we originally developed for COVID-19”,


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Photo credit: @PresidencyZA/Twitter

17 Feb 2023
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