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Tajikistan is to introduce health insurance for the working - P4H Network

Tajikistan is to introduce health insurance for the working

According to the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Tajikistan , the country is considering and discussing with WHO the introduction of compulsory health insurance for employees of organizations and enterprises of the country.

Health insurance reform was discussed in Dushanbe by the Ministry of Labour, who met with representatives of the World Health Organization.

According to Nurullo Mahmadullozoda, Deputy Minister of Labour, Migration and Employment, the issue of introducing health insurance for workers is “important and necessary.” “This is in the interests of workers and contributes to strengthening their health and improving the quality of medical services,” the meeting participants noted.

In addition, Mr. Mahmadullozoda recalled that, according to Article 341 of the Labor Code of Tajikistan, all employees have the right to compulsory social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases, as well as other injuries.

The parties expressed their opinion that health insurance is necessary for all employees of the economic sector, including landlords, self-employed and informally employed citizens. It was noted that improving the health insurance system is a priority currently, taking into account the social and labor situation, the needs of the population and the best world practices.


Photo: AKIpress News Agency; News: Sputniknews

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