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Thailand drafted a new regulation to prevent additional charges - P4H Network

Thailand drafted a new regulation to prevent additional charges

The Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS) in Thailand is one of the key pillars that contributes to universal health coverage ensuring all people access to essential health services without financial hardship.

Since 2003, 31 relevant regulations were implemented under the UCS. By reviewing these regulations, the National Health Security Office (NHSO) of Thailand proposed to set up a new regulation to protect the UCS members from the additional fees for essential health services.

The drafted regulation of the health services covered by the UCS have been classified into 13 categories: (1) health promotion and disease prevention (2) disease diagnosis (3) maternal care (4) medical treatment (5) drug, medical equipment, and artificial organs (6) childbirth (7) admission in care units (8) newborn care (9) ambulance and transportation services (10) transportation for people with disabilities (11) physical and mental rehabilitation (12) Thai traditional and alternative medicines and (13) necessary health services listed by the NHSO.

While uncovered health services under the UCS are: (1) aesthetic treatment (2) unnecessary diagnosis and treatment (3) treatment at an experimental stage (4) organ transplantation, and (5) other health services excluded by the NHSO. To read more, please click.

Source: National Health Security Office

Picture by Maksim Labkouski