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Thailand shared UHC experience to Sudan - P4H Network

Thailand shared UHC experience to Sudan

Thailand has achieved Universal Health Coverage (UHC) under three public health insurance schemes: Civil Servant Medical Benefit Scheme, Social Security Scheme, and Universal Coverage Scheme (UCS). The UCS was introduced in 2002 and administered by the National Health Security Office (NHSO). The UCS implementation could prevent the beneficiaries from catastrophic health expenditures while enhancing access to essential health services. 

Thailand has shared UHC experience with other countries which are moving towards UHC. Recently, Sudan health experts from the Republic of Sudan’s National Health Insurance Fund participated in the training led by the NHSO to learn UHC experience from Thailand during 17-21 October 2022. 

This training led to exchange of experiences on national health insurance towards UHC between Thailand and Sudan. The main discussions focused on managing the public health insurance schemes under UHC, strategic purchasing and provider payment mechanisms, and a claim management system. In addition, Thailand’s experience that can be applied to Sudan’s health system was discussed during the training. Readmore

Source and picture by the National Health Security Office