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Timor-Leste shared COVID-19 experiences on public finance - P4H Network

Timor-Leste shared COVID-19 experiences on public finance

In Timor-Leste, Minister of Finance, Rui Gomes, participated in the high-level meeting of Portuguese-Speaking Countries in Africa – East Timor (PALOP-TL) on public finance “Transform the State”.

The two high-level personalities were invited to participate, the former Prime Minister of Mozambique, Luísa Diogo, and the board members of directors of the African Union Special Fund against Covid-19, Paulo Gomes who has over 25 years’ experience in the public and private finance sector.

Minister Gomes emphasized the importance of the establishment of the economic recovery plan to analyze the economic and human development situation affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as to initiate the series of public policies to response the situation in prioritized sectors.

The PALOP-TL dialogue focused on analysis of the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the governance and public financial system. The importance of sharing, analyzing, and interpreting challenges in public financing among the PALOP-T have been highlighted.

The main objective of establishment of the program for the consolidation of economic governance and public finance management systems in the PALOP-TL is to improve the economic governance in the PALOP-TL. This activity is under the strategic partnership between the EU-UNDP. The EU has funded 7.7 million euros, around 8.8 million US dollars, managed directly by the UNDP. To read more, please click.

Source: Tatoli

Picture by Daniela Jovanovska-Hristovska