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To contain costs, Kazakhstan's Government is capping expenses for hospital construction - P4H Network

To contain costs, Kazakhstan’s Government is capping expenses for hospital construction

Under the State Health Development Program for years 2020-2025, adopted in 2019 and reframed into a National Project “Healthy Nation” in 2021, Kazakhstan has planned to build 20 large hospitals to replace multiple existing worn-out hospitals accross the country.

This year President Tokayev said the resources for these 20 hospitals using public-private partnership mechanisms needed to be revised.

As a result of a review, the Ministry of Healthcare decided to first build 8 hospitals by 2025 (5 university hospitals and 3 multidisciplinary hospitals) .

The remaining 12 hospitals will be phased to start in 2026, reported the press service of the Prime Minister.

For the first time, Kazakhstan will determine the marginal cost for building hospitals. This was stated by the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Dr Azhar Giniyat at a government meeting on Tuesday, February 15, Kazinform correspondent reports.

“Today, joint work is underway with the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, Ministry of National Economy and the Ministry of Finance to determine the marginal (allowable) cost per 1 square meter of hospital construction, without taking into account medical devices. In addition, to avoid unnecessarily large spaces, a norm is being set for maximum area per 1 bed, as well as an optimal financial model is beign devleoped to optimize costs for the announced 8 hospital construction projects,” Minister Azhar Giniyat said.

“The above work will make it possible to develop a unified approach and choose the best option to implement the national hospital construction program. The priority is given to build modern university hospitals to attract the best talend in academia and to live by the trinity of education, science and clinical practice principle” concluded the Minister of Healthcare.


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