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Togo: pregnant women at the center of expectations - P4H Network

Togo: pregnant women at the center of expectations

Focus on the measures taken by the Togolese government and its partners to reduce the maternal and infant mortality rate.

From 478 in 1998, maternal mortality fell to 401 in 2014 per 100 ,000 births. And per 1,000 live births, neonatal mortality fell from 40 in 1998 to 27 in 2014.

The Muskoka program, which works to reduce maternal, neonatal and infant/child mortality and morbidity. Financial support from the  program (nearly 09 billion CFA francs over ten years) helped reduce the maternal mortality rate by 10% between 2010 and 2017.

As for the mortality rate, that of children under 05 has been reduced by 25% between 2010 and 2019.

Until 2011, the cost of a caesarean section was 80 000 francs CFA. It has been subsidized by the Togolese government to the tune of 90%, making it easily accessible. It has been 10,000 francs since May 2011. An activity which has increased the number of Caesarean sections performed.

Free care for pregnant women

In addition, pregnant women will receive free healthcare in 2021. This care covers family planning, prenatal consultation, childbirth and caesarean sections. A total of 7 billion CFA francs was disbursed. The aim is to reduce neonatal and maternal mortality.

To reinforce these actions, the  Wezou   program was launched in August 2021. This program is dedicated to the care of pregnant women and newborn babies. It should enable more women to receive care during pregnancy, thereby reducing the risk of difficult deliveries.

3 billion CFA francs have been set aside to implement this program. More than 70 000 women have already benefited.


10 Mar 2022