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Universal access to health care declared as Kazakhstan's priority at Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting - P4H Network

Universal access to health care declared as Kazakhstan’s priority at Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting

First Vice Minister of Healthcare of Kazakhstan Marat Shoranov participated in the Fifth Meeting of Health Ministers of the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Speaking at the meeting, Marat Shoranov noted that the principle of universal access to healthcare services is a national priority, and the right to health, including affordable and high-quality medical care. He stressed that Kazakhstan, while implementing the “Healthy Nation” national project, paid special attention to the issues of accessibility and quality of medical care.

The First Vice Minister informed about advancements in primary health care in Kazakhstan based on continuity of reforms, which included the implementation of disease management programs for chronic conditions at PHC level, introduction of mobile medical complexes (“medicine on the wheels”) and investments made into rural medicine.

M. Shoranov also reported about providing healthcare organizations with the necessary IT infrastructure. “Thanks to transition to digital healthcare, the coverage of electronic medical records has reached 100% among public providers, queues in polyclinics were reduced twofold,” said the First Vice Minister.

He noted that since 2018, Kazakhstan has done a significant work on the transformation of PHC. Efforts have been focused on centers of excellence in PHC. Today, there are 17 of them in the country.

“Kazakhstan, supporting the important role of PHC, seeks to promote the exchange of experience and the transfer of existing knowledge between countries. With the support of the WHO regional office in the Almaty region, the PHC Demonstration Site was launched. The platform is intended for the exchange of experience and achievements in the use of modern innovative technologies and solutions at the PHC level for the countries of the European Region. It is gratifying that Uzbek medical specialists were among the first to study at this site. We are ready for partnership and constructive interaction!” – said the First Vice Minister.

In addition, he said that Kazakhstan invited foreign citizens to receive high-tech medical care in Kazakhstan. Access to 80 types of high-tech medical care services for both citizens and foreigners includes a nuclear medicine center, 2 tomotherapy centers for the treatment of malignant neoplasms and the Gamma Knife complex.

It was noted the most popular services sought as part of medical tourism by foreign citizens who visit Kazakhstan included in vitro fertilization and dental services. In closing, Dr Shoranov thanked the organizers and wished fruitful work for the benefit of health of citizens.

Source: Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan.