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Universal Health Insurance in Egypt: Informal Workers’ Perspective - P4H Network

Universal Health Insurance in Egypt: Informal Workers’ Perspective

Egypt is embarking on a new universal health insurance (UHI) system to cover all Egyptians by 2032, in line with the UHI law. When fully implemented, the system is expected to ensure quality health services and adequate levels of financial protection for all. UHI is a compulsory system based on social solidarity, where those who cannot afford contributions will be exempted, based on a decree issued by the prime minister to regulate exemptions (UHI law, Article 2).

The family is the main insurance coverage unit within the new system, in contrast to the previous system, which provides uncoordinated, separate coverage to each family member, leaving some uninsured. 

Coverage of the informal sector has been one of the challenges facing the current health insurance scheme and previous attempts to expand insurance coverage.The previous system, operated and administered by the Health Insurance Organization (HIO), the main public insurer, is highly fragmented, making it difficult to ensure equity, quality of health services and financial protection. Moreover, the system does not cover informal workers, irregular workers, the unemployed, and out-of-school children. The new UHI is thus a major step in expanding coverage to include vulnerable groups and to leaving no one behind.

To know more, read the full news article originally published in Alternate Policy Solutions, Egypt.

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Image: Unsplash