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Update on HI law - Apr 2015 - P4H Network

Update on HI law – Apr 2015

Source: WHO

In January 2015, the Mongolian Parliament approved new amendments into the Law of Mongolian Citizen`s Health Insurance to be effected from 1 July 2015. It`s unofficial English translation is attached below. At this time, major changes include:


·         Member of the National Health Insurance Council shall be appointed by the Parliament of Mongolia with 5 year service term.

·         The insured shall be provided with prevention and early detection screening and diagnostic tests by routine schedule based on their age, gender and health risks financed by health insurance fund.

·         In the event that insured person’s health benefit expenditure exceeds the annual cap set per person per year, the excess cost can be covered from another household member’s benefit expenditure cap at their consent.

·         It approved introduction and use of a health insurance electronic card that will contain the information on health insurance contribution payment, health service benefit utilisation, and cost related to each insured.  

·         It accepted the minimum wage level as the base to define health insurance contribution payment for certain categories including those under government subsidy. It also legalized that increased contribution collections will not serve as a ground to decrease government health budget.

·         The new law amendment permitted the health insurance fund to pay specified social and fringe benefits like lump-sum payments and grants for loss of working capacity, disability, and allowances for professional qualification grades to health insurance state inspectors and officers.


16 Apr 2015