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Value-based payment in cancer care is introduced in Russia - P4H Network

Value-based payment in cancer care is introduced in Russia

Medical workers will be incentivised by additional payments for early detection of cancer, reportst the Ministry of Health of Russia.

According to the order of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the procedure and conditions for incentive payments to health care workers were established for detection of oncological diseases during medical examinations and for doing preventive medical examinations of the population.

Incentive payments are aimed at increasing the number of newly diagnosed malignant neoplasms at early stages in order to provide patients with timely medical care.

For each case of a newly diagnosed cancer, confirmed by further tests, the following payments will be made:

  • 500 rubles to be paid to the doctor who arranged and conducted the screening (except CEO of a medical organization),
  • 250 rubles to be paid to a health worker who referred the patient to an oncologist,
  • 250 rubles will be accrued to a medical worker who timely established an ongoing observation of a cancer patient (called “dispanserization” – when a patient is entered into the cancer register for follow-up care)

The Government of the Russian Federation allocated 155 million rubles for incentive payments to these health workers in 2022.

Also, in accordance with the MoH order, an algorithm for interaction of medical organizations and territorial compulsory medical insurance funds is established. The distribution of funds among medical organizations will be carried out by the territorial funds of compulsory medical insurance, and payments to medical workers will be received monthly.

Source: Ministry of Healthcare of Russian Federation

Picture source: Stanislav Krasilnikov / TASS