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Vietnam has reached 93.3 % of health insurance population coverage - P4H Network

Vietnam has reached 93.3 % of health insurance population coverage

In Vietnam, as of 2023, the national health insurance has reached an impressive 93.3% of the health insurance population coverage, surpassing the target outlined in the Government’s Resolution No 01/NQ-CP and coming close to achieving universal coverage.

Approximately 18.26 million people enrolled in the social insurance in 2023, accounting for 39.25 % of the working age population. Among those, about 1.83 million are voluntary participants, covering 3.92 % of the working age population and exceeding the target of 1.42 %.

The combined premiums from social insurance, unemployment insurance, and health insurance exceeded expectations, totaling over 472.3 trillion VND (19.24 billion USD), surpassing the Prime Minister’s assigned target.

In addition, Vietnam Social Security disbursed sickness, maternity, convalescence, and health recovery benefits to more than 8.8 million individuals in 2023.

This sustained growth, particularly in health insurance participation amid economic challenges, underscores Vietnam’s social insurance sector’s unwavering commitment on the path towards universal health coverage.