What Does it Cost to Treat a COVID-19 Patient in Kenya? (Brief)

What Does it Cost to Treat a COVID-19 Patient in Kenya? (Brief)

 Key Messages

• Per patient COVID-19 case management costs in hospitals are substantial ranging from KES 21,359 (U$ 202.47) per day for asymptomatic patients, KES 21,361(U$ 202.50) per day for patients with mild symptoms, KES 24,705(U$ 234.19) for patients with severe disease and KES 51,684 (U$ 489.93) for critical COVID-19 patients in ICU’s

• There is therefore an urgent need to develop a sustainable financing arrangement for COVID-19 for the country

• If these costs are passed on to patients to pay out of pocket, they will result in significant catastrophe and impoverishment

• It is imperative therefore for the country to develop a prepayment mechanism to provide financial risk protection to patients and households against the financial hardship that they will face if required to pay for COVID-19 case management costs out of pocket

• Per patient health system costs for COVID-19 case management are driven by PPE costs which accounts for approximately 65% of total costs

Interventions to reduce PPE costs will improve the affordability of COVID-19 case management

Home based care for asymptomatic and mild COVID-19 patients is 9 times cheaper to the health system compared to institutional care (hospitals or isolation centers)

• Institutional care is driven by PPE, accommodation & overhead (hotel) costs, and staff costs

• The cost savings from home care should however be weighed against feasibility of home-based care and resultant impact on health outcomes (for COVID-19 patients, and transmission risk)


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