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What remedy for Switzerland's healthcare system? - P4H Network

What remedy for Switzerland’s healthcare system?

The Swiss rejected the Socialist Party’s and the Centre’s recipes for limiting rising healthcare costs and the burden they place on households. However, urgent reforms are needed, and several experts believe that solutions will have to be found.

On both the left and right of the political spectrum, the Swiss healthcare system is in need of reform. However, neither the Socialist Party (SP) nor the Centre have succeeded in convincing the people with their popular initiatives. The Socialists proposed limiting health insurance premiums to 10% of income. However, the spectre of tax hikes to finance the additional aid loomed over the campaign and contributed to the rejection of the text. As for the Centre’s initiative, it seems to have been too vague to appeal to the electorate.

It will still take a few years for changes to be implemented, but we’ll have to act. We won’t have a choice, because nobody is really satisfied with this system any more.“Stéfanie Monod, a professor at the University of Lausanne and a specialist in the Swiss healthcare system. In his view, the federalist system is outdated.

It recommends a better distribution of competencies: “the Confederation must have greater responsibility for healthcare“. For example, hospital planning or professional training must be coordinated at national level, she believes. “Conversely, primary care and care coordination should be the responsibility of the cantons.“says the specialist.

Jérôme Cosandey, director of Avenir Suisse in French-speaking Switzerland, a liberal think tank, disagrees. On the contrary, he sees federalism as a strength for the healthcare system.

“JI lived in Bombay, a city of over 20 million inhabitants. When I got home, I thought that Switzerland had an incredible luxury with its 26 cantons and 26 health laws. Then I realized that this would enable us to better meet the needs of the population.“.

To save money, Jérôme Cosandey would like more transparency on the quality of services. In his view, we should concentrate on those that bring the greatest return per franc invested.

The healthcare system needs to be looked after, but what is the cure?, branch of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation