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WHO and the EU supplied modern X-ray equipment to hospitals in Armenia - P4H Network

WHO and the EU supplied modern X-ray equipment to hospitals in Armenia

According to news on WHO Armenia country page, with financial support from the European Union, WHO supplied X-ray equipment to seven hospitals for COVID-19 treatment in capital city Yerevan and in six other cities in Armenia. New X-ray machines will help control the healing process of patients and improve the efficiency of clinical decision-making.

According to Stella Karapetyan, a radiologist at the Martun Medical Center, who has already started using new X-ray equipment, digital X-ray makes it possible to study images in detail by providing higher quality and clarity of the image and make more accurate and prompt diagnostics. “During the COVID-19 outbreak, 120 to 150 patients were admitted to our center every day,” she says, and adds: “higher quality of the images obtained with the new equipment allows for a faster diagnosis of the patient, while reducing the need for repeat x-rays. This reduces increases patient safety.”

WHO-Europe, in collaboration with the Armenian Ministry of Health, made preliminary work to ensure quality standards. They assessed hospitals in preparation installation of new X-ray equipment and WHO provided guidance on plans and specifications for radiology rooms. These requirements included ensuring spacious and well-ventilated waiting areas, which play a key role in the prevention and control of infection.

Claudio Meirovich, WHO/Europe Medical Devices Expert, visited these hospitals to ensure that the designated areas met the requirements and international standards for installation of X-ray machines. “WHO has developed guidelines and recommendations to help countries get the most out of the money they invest in medical equipment,” he says. It is also important to ensure that the hospital rooms are safe for workers and patients.”

Oleg Storozhenko, WHO Representative in Armenia, said that the EU and WHO/Europe joined forces to help strengthen the Armenian health sector and increase its resilience to stress. “The hospital equipment we have purchased will not only help patients with COVID-19, but will also help strengthen the capacity of the health system to deal with future health emergencies,” he concluded.

Source: WHO,

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