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WHO launches a Health Financing Progress Matrix Online Network - P4H Network

WHO launches a Health Financing Progress Matrix Online Network

In June 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) held a training on the Health Financing Progress Matrix (HFPM) in Zimbabwe which convened twelve countries in east and Southern Africa. The meeting ended with a strong call to establish a network to continue the rich discussion and exchange held during the training.

Following this, WHO has recently launched the HFPM Online Network. The platform aims to connect individuals involved in WHO’s Health Financing Progress Matrix (HFPM) assessment, in countries around the world. The focus of the Network is on the methods and practices for the evaluation of countries health financing progress towards universal health coverage. The forum will share country evaluations, knowledge, experience, job opportunities, announcement for events, etc..

There are several different roles involved in HFPM assessments, which members of the network may play. The platform aims to facilitate discussion on each of these roles and is inviting countries that are currently implementing the HFPM (and not a part of the online network) to join.

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Source: About Section of the HFPM Online Network