Kenya’s COVID-19 budget: Funding for health and welfare

As the impact of Covid-19 continues to escalate, accountable public budgets that are aligned to the needs of people living in poverty and vulnerable populations are more crucial than ever. In the 2020/21 fiscal year, Kenya will not only be dealing with the social, health and economic effects of Covid-19 and the impacts of the government response, but will also be upscaling the universal health coverage (UHC) programme. UHC is part of the national government’s priorities for the third medium-term plan, which covers the period 2018 to 2022. The first phase (pilot) of the UHC programme covered four of Kenya’s 47 counties. In 2020/21, the government intends to roll out the programme in the remaining 43 counties. This paper presents an analysis of Kenya’s national government health and social protection budget for the 2020/21 fiscal year.

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