Determinants of health insurance coverage and out of pocket payments for health care in Jordan

The Government of Jordan’s 2016-2020 National Strategy for Health Sector set out a vision of high-quality lifelong health care for the whole population, with a focus on financial protection. This report presents findings on health insurance coverage and out-of-pocket payments for health care from an analysis of the 2017-18 Jordan Population and Family Health Survey.

It states that most individuals without insurance seek care in private facilities for both inpatient and outpatient treatments. There they are much less likely to receive free treatment and more likely to pay higher costs.

Health insurance provides financial risk protection against illness or injury through risk pooling and is found to lead to better access and less economic burden. Expanding insurance would reduce out-of-pocket health expenditures, a sizable share of many families’ household expenditures in Jordan.

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Kristin Bietsch
Rebecca Rosenberg
John Stover
William Winfrey