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Documents - P4H Network

The many documents available on the P4H Network’s digital platform reflect the network’s scope of work. The majority of documents are primary source materials created by country nationals or resources produced by organizations working in social health protection (SHP) and/or health financing (HF).

The collection provides information on SHP and/or HF reforms and universal health coverage processes from around the world as well as topical analysis and research.

Overview of health financing flows in Uganda


Tracking health financing resources is critical for ensuring the efficient use of resources as well as equitable distribution. This report documents the nature and magnitude of financial flows to Uganda’s health sector and the purchase of primary health care (PHC)...

The roadmap to sustainable finance in health

The report was launched at the Health 20 Summit organised by the G20 and G7 Health for Development Partnership on 22 June 2023. The Report aims to serve "A Toolkit for G20 & G7 Countries and Develop a Taxonomy for Health." This paper identifies the trend that...

Strategic purchasing of health services in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

This study assessed the progress that Sierra Leone has made regarding strategic purchasing of health services, in its efforts to attain universal health coverage.  Specifically, it aimed to; Map the major purchasers and purchasing arrangements in Sierra Leone, Analyze...

Reimagining governance for strategic purchasing: evidence from 10 countries in eastern Europe and central Asia

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

The WHO Barcelona Office for Health Systems Financing has published this policy paper as part of a series. It is a study on health purchasing governance in 10 countries in eastern Europe and central Asia (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia,...

Ethiopia Social Health Insurance Proclamation No.690 /2010


This proclamation serves as an official declaration, establishing the fundamental provisions and principles of the social health insurance program in Ethiopia. It outlines the guidelines regarding coverage and eligibility, premiums, benefits and services, governance...

Namibia health sector Public Expenditure Review


This report presents the findings of Namibia’s health sector's first  Public Expenditure Review (PER). A PER is a comprehensive analysis of public spending over time, assessing its quantity and quality in relation to policy goals and performance indicators. Among...

Namibia resource tracking for health and HIV/AIDS: 2017/18


This report presents the outcomes of the 2017/18 resource tracking exercise conducted in Namibia, aiming to estimate healthcare and HIV/AIDS response expenditures. The exercise employed an integrated approach, combining the Health Accounts and the National AIDS...

Mozambique National Health Accounts 2015


This report provides a summary of Mozambique's 2015 Health Accounts exercise, which aimed to measure and track total health spending for the country's residents. The Health Accounts captured valuable information regarding the source of funds, type of provider, goods,...