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Documents - P4H Network

The many documents available on the P4H Network’s digital platform reflect the network’s scope of work. The majority of documents are primary source materials created by country nationals or resources produced by organizations working in social health protection (SHP) and/or health financing (HF).

The collection provides information on SHP and/or HF reforms and universal health coverage processes from around the world as well as topical analysis and research.

Law determining the Fundamental Principles of Health


Law 2022-34 lays down the essential rules governing public health and hygiene in the Republic of Niger. It was adopted by the French President on July 11, 2022. Having heard the Council of Ministers, the National Assembly deliberates and adopts, the President of the...

National social protection policy in Niger


The Government's adoption of the National Social Protection Policy reflects its desire and commitment to promote a new form of governance that encourages public authorities to accept and assume full responsibility for providing more extensive social protection...

Strengthening MSP/P/AS management in Niger


The aim of the present ToR is to create a shared vision and a narrative that will convey a sense of purpose, and feed into the reforms underway or planned by the SSDP, which must themselves be based on strengthened capabilities, particularly for managers at different...

Collection of health legislation in Niger


Recueil de Législation Sanitaire is designed to inform health professionals, health services and establishments, and anyone else interested, about the main legal texts governing the health sector.

National strategy for financing free health care in Niger


This strategy, based on linking the FBR to free healthcare and stimulating demand for healthcare through the FBR Communautaire, has been drawn up to guide the Nigerien government and its partners on strategic and harmonized implementation methods.

Mapping health financing in Niger


The Republic of Niger joined the GFF in July 2019. The Nigerien government welcomed this partnership as an opportunity to improve the cost-effectiveness and equity of healthcare spending (both public and external) by aligning it with national priorities centered on...

National Health Accounts for Niger-2021


The aim of this report, covering the year 2021, is to analyze national healthcare expenditure globally, and to produce specific sub-accounts for certain diseases and conditions of greatest concern to the healthcare sector.

Presentation of INAM Niger


INAM: A central tool in the reform of free health care and health financing in Niger. It was under this theme that INAM's Managing Director presented the institute to the National Assembly on November 17, 2023.

Reflecting on the creation of a Virtual Common Fund for free admission


The National Institute of Medical Assistance has organized a day of reflection with a view to setting up a Virtual Common Fund for free healthcare on April 15, 2023. The aim is to initiate mobilization to define the technical and administrative foundations of a FCV,...

Transitional measures for the reimbursement of free health care in Niger


This working paper has been produced on the physical verification approach in health facilities. The aim is to ensure reimbursement of the costs associated with free health care in the 2023 health facilities, after monitoring and verifying the effectiveness of the...

Study report on the benefits of free healthcare in Niger


The aim of this study is to take stock of other free services in the healthcare system and of insurance mechanisms for patient care, and to analyze and make proposals for the implementation of a health risk coverage scheme. This document was prepared by Samia Laokri...

Law 2426 Universal Maternity and Child Insurance in Bolivia

Bolivia (Plurinational State of)

The Universal Maternal and Child Insurance was created to provide a list of health benefits to pregnant women from the beginning of pregnancy until 6 months after delivery and to children from birth to 5 years of age. The Universal Maternal and Child Insurance was...

Decree creating the National Institute for Medical Assistance in Niger


On January 12, 2023, the Nigerien government established INAM as a public administrative institution with the mission of implementing policies, strategies and reforms relating to the financing and delegated management of free healthcare for vulnerable populations by...

Monitoring and evaluation guide for the PDSS in Niger 2022-2026


This framework is a tool designed to bring together the various elements needed to assess progress in implementing the Health and Social Development Plan (HSDP) 2022-2026, based on selected, clearly defined key indicators.The monitoring and evaluation guide aims to...