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Documents - P4H Network

The many documents available on the P4H Network’s digital platform reflect the network’s scope of work. The majority of documents are primary source materials created by country nationals or resources produced by organizations working in social health protection (SHP) and/or health financing (HF).

The collection provides information on SHP and/or HF reforms and universal health coverage processes from around the world as well as topical analysis and research.

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Tracking NCD funding flows: Urgent calls and global solutions

The report highlights the urgent need for increased international and domestic investment in non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention and control, as current funding is insufficient to address the significant health burdens, especially in low- and middle-income...

Development banks’ joint roadmap for climate-health finance and action

The Development Banks' Joint Roadmap for Climate-Health Finance and Action aims to enhance global health resilience through coordinated investments to mitigate climate-related health risks and strengthen health systems worldwide. In June 2024, eleven Multilateral and...

National Health Act 2014


The 2014 National Health Act provides a comprehensive framework for the regulation, development, and management of Nigeria's health system. This significant piece of legislation sets new standards for delivering health services across the country, aiming to enhance...

Press release Haïti Emergency


This report is produced by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Haiti. It covers the humanitarian situation in Port-au-Prince following the violence that broke out on February 29. The report mainly covers the period from...

South Africa’s National Health Insurance Act

South Africa

The President of South Africa signed the National Health Insurance Act, as a landmark step towards achieving universal access to quality healthcare services in the Republic. This pivotal legislation is aligned with section 27 of the Constitution, which guarantees the...

Debut of healthy taxes


Colombia adopted a section on healthy taxes in the 2022 tax reform. Healthy taxes refer to a progressive and differentiated rate on ultra-processed foods and sugar-sweetened beverages starting in November 2023. It is applied in order to discourage the consumption of...

Health, Social Security and Human Rights


The article explores the connections between human rights, social rights and structural problems in Brazilian society, focusing on health and social security. Brazil' s 1988 Federal Constitution plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing income in situations of...

Opportunities for a new compact between Gavi and partner countries

The CGDev Note proposes Gavi's New Compact for country-led vaccine prioritisation and financing reforms to strengthen health systems amid COVID-19 challenges and fiscal pressures, aligning with global health goals. Health aid is fragmented and burdensome, lacking...

A Study on Nepal’s National Health Insurance Program


This study explains why Nepal needs to strengthen its National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) to better shield households from the financial impact of health care costs and achieve its ambitious goal of universal health coverage by 2030.Nepal has made significant...