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Documents - P4H Network

The many documents available on the P4H Network’s digital platform reflect the network’s scope of work. The majority of documents are primary source materials created by country nationals or resources produced by organizations working in social health protection (SHP) and/or health financing (HF).

The collection provides information on SHP and/or HF reforms and universal health coverage processes from around the world as well as topical analysis and research.

Law 1152: Towards a Single, Universal and Free Health Care System in Bolivia

Bolivia (Plurinational State of)

Law No. 1152 is enacted to amend Law No. 475 on Comprehensive Health Services of the Plurinational State of Bolivia of December 2013.This law allows for the expansion of the beneficiary population that is not covered by short-term social security to receive free...

Niger Health and Social Development Plan 2022-2026


The financial framing of the 2022-2026 SSDP was based on programmatic data, using the One Health budgeting tool. The average scenario quantified a projected budget for the 2022-2026 SSDP of 1,513,063,866,310 CFA francs, or around US$2,521,773,110. This cost is spread...

National Strategy for Universal Health Coverage in Niger 2021-2030


The overall aim of the CSU strategy is to improve financial accessibility to quality health care and services through a number of mechanisms to protect against the risk of illness. To achieve its general objective, the strategy has the following specific objectives:...

National health financing strategy for Niger-2023


The National Health Financing Strategy aims to make Niger a Nation where the entire population, without socio-economic distinction, has equitable access to quality social and health services, based on sustainable financing that respects the principles of equity and...

Annuaire des statistiques sanitaires du Niger-2021


The statistics directory is the national reference document for sharing health statistics in Niger. It compiles routine data from the various levels of the healthcare system (public and private) as well as mass campaign data. The directory serves as a basis for...

Ministerial decree on health theme groups in Guinea


As part of the implementation of the National Health Development Plan, eight (08) thematic groups have been set up, with their terms of reference and composition set out in a ministerial order to be issued in March 2019.

Functioning of the Health Economics Unit in Senegal


The Cellule d'économie de la santé (CES) was set up to monitor the implementation of the national health financing strategy and to strengthen analyses in the field of health economics in order to propose strategies and interventions to take these issues into account...

Policy Brief: Mobilizing resources for NCD prevention in Senegal


In Senegal, 61% of deaths from non-communicable diseases will occur prematurely between the ages of 30 and 69 in 2019. The management of NCDs is included in the National Health and Social Development Plan 2019-2028 and in the National Health Financing Strategy to move...

Policy brief: more money for better health in Senegal


By deploying primary healthcare interventions in low- and middle-income countries, 60 million lives could be saved and average life expectancy increased by 3.7 years by 2030. Since its adoption, Senegal has made it a pillar of its health policy.

Review of strategic purchasing mechanisms in Senegal


In order to better coordinate its efforts towards UHC, Senegal has developed a health financing strategy, which focuses on strategic choices to improve health protection and the sustainability of financing.

Capitalizing on the development of the SNFS in Senegal


The process of developing the National Health Financing Strategy to move towards Universal Health Coverage launched in April 2016 was finalized and validated in June 2017. This document sheds light on the approach and methodology used to capitalize on the SNFS-CSU...

COVID-19 purchasing adjustments: Insights from 8 middle-income countries

Armenia, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Ukraine, Romania, Ghana

Journal of Health Policy and Planning (Oxford University Press) article examines COVID-19's impact on health purchasing in eight middle-income countries, revealing adjustments in benefit packages and payment methods amid financing challenges and concerns about...