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The Fifth Health Sector Strategic Plan (HSSP V)
Tanzania, United Republic of

Tanzania's early achievement of lower middle-income status reflects robust economic growth and human development, driven by focused health sector investment. The Fifth Health Sector Strategic Plan aims to enhance healthcare access, combat diseases, and ensure...

CNLE opinion on complementary health insurance

Every year, the Social Security Department (DSS) produces a report on complementary health insurance (C2S). In accordance with the law, the National Council for Policies to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion (CNLE) is asked by the Government to issue an opinion on...

Increase in the cost of consultations with general practitioners

At the 3rd plenary session of conventional negotiations with self-employed doctors, the Assurance Maladie said it was ready to invest in a global agreement on attractiveness, access to care, quality and relevance of care.At this 3rd multilateral session, the Assurance...

Ten-year palliative care strategy

Following the submission of the report by the Citizens' Convention on the End of Life in April 2023, the President of the Republic announced the creation of a ten-year palliative care strategy and a bill on the end of life. The expert report, published after six...

Health Accounts Report 2018-2019

Health Accounts (HA) enable systematic, exhaustive and consistent monitoring of financial flows in a country's healthcare system over a given period.This 2018 and 2019 Health Accounts report, which is the third of its kind in Cameroon, was drawn up under the overall...

Report on health accounts 2021
Congo, Democratic Republic of the

The Health Accounts constitute an international accounting framework for systematically tracking financial flows in favor of health.The results of Health Accounts 2021 come at a time when the country is gradually recovering from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on...

Special Law for the constitution of the Solidarity Fund for Health
El Salvador

The purpose of the law is to establish the legal mechanisms for the financing and management of special programs for the preservation of public health and social assistance. The law that created the Solidarity Fund for Health (FOSALUD) in El Salvador emphasizes the...

Government doubles medical deductibles

In France, theealth Insurance spending has risen by almost 20% between 2018 and 2022 (excluding Covid-19). Patients' out-of-pocket expenses have fallen from 9% in 2011 to 7% in 2021: this is the lowest level in the OECD, after Luxembourg. The government has decided to...

Social Security deficit: Cades sounds the alarm

On December 12, 2023, Caisse d'amortissement de la dette sociale (Cades) Chairman Jean-Louis Rey presented the institution's 2023 balance sheet.Tasked with financing and extinguishing the accumulated debt of the French Social Security system, Cades was due to complete...

Cambodia’s Pentagonal Strategy – Phase I

This document outlines Cambodia's pentagonal strategy-Phase I, focusing on growth, employment, equity, efficiency, and sustainability. The pentagonal strategy is a long-term socioeconomic plan aligned with Cambodia Vision 2050, to be implemented over the next 25...

National Health Financing Strategy-2023

Following the elaboration of the new PDSS 2022-2026, the Ministry in charge of public health decided to revise the National Health Financing Strategy so that it accompanies the new political and strategic choices with a view to achieving universal health coverage by...