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National health financing strategy for CSU Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso

This strategy document is intended to be a reference tool for the government and technical and financial partners, enabling them to coordinate the various interventions in the field of health financing.The vision of the National Health Financing Strategy (SNFS) for...

WHO report on strengthening primary health care financing in Kyrgyzstan
WHO report on strengthening primary health care financing in Kyrgyzstan

WHO Barcelona Office for Health Systems Financing has published a report titled "Strengthening primary health care financing: policy considerations for Kyrgyzstan" in September 2023. The report describes how primary health care (PHC) is organized and financed in...

Financing investment in the healthcare sector
Financing investment in the healthcare sector

The Haut conseil pour l'avenir de l'Assurance maladie (Hcaam) assesses the state of France's healthcare sector and presents its recommendations.Last November, the Hcaam published five documents designed to shed light on the mechanisms of healthcare investment and its...

7th Annual health financing forum: Investing in health

The 7th Annual Health Financing Forum (AHFF), hosted by The World Bank Group, USAID, and the Global Financing Facility (GFF), is scheduled to take place from April 15-17, 2024, in Washington DC and virtually. This forum stands out as a significant global gathering...

Quality of maternal and newborn care in Niger

In Niger, improving the supply, quality and demand for healthcare services is the second strategic focus of the 2017-2021 Health Development Plan. The purpose of this document is to inform users in general, and authorities in particular, in order to help them make...

Reflections and actions for an FCS 2.0 in Niger

The document, drawn up by Jean François CAREMEL, P4H-CFP in Niger, was prompted by a request from the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, in the context of the decision to refocus the Fonds Commun Santé on fungible funds: "To develop an analysis to feed into...

Developing the Lebanese health economic evaluation guideline

The Lebanese Health Economic Evaluation Guideline (LEEG) development followed WHO guidelines, involving expert groups, evidence retrieval, surveys, workshops, and international consultation. The transparent process ensures relevance for national healthcare...

National social protection policy in Niger

The Government's adoption of the National Social Protection Policy reflects its desire and commitment to promote a new form of governance that encourages public authorities to accept and assume full responsibility for providing more extensive social protection...