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WHO Political economy analysis for health financing

"Political Economy Analysis for Health Financing: A ‘How to’ Guide," published by the World Health Organization, provides a structured approach to analyse key political economy factors impacting health financing reform. This guide emphasises the importance of...

Economic update: Resilience in uncertain times in Niger

After a slowdown in growth linked to COVID-19 in 2020, Niger's economic recovery was hit by a series of climatic and security shocks in 2021 that deteriorated many economic and social indicators.Unlike most countries in the region, Niger showed a certain resilience in...

Niger 2022 Economic Update

After a COVID-19 related growth slowdown in 2020, Niger’s economic recovery was hit by a series of climate and security shocks in 2021 that deteriorated many economic and social indicators. As a result, GDP growth decelerated to 1.4 percent in 2021, which translated...

Mapping health financing in Niger

The Republic of Niger joined the GFF in July 2019. The Nigerien government welcomed this partnership as an opportunity to improve the cost-effectiveness and equity of healthcare spending (both public and external) by aligning it with national priorities centered on...

Annuaire des statistiques sanitaires du Niger-2021

L'annuaire des statistiques représente le document national de référence de partage des satistiques sanitaires au Niger. Il compile les données de routine des différents niveaux du système de santé (Publiques et privées) ainsi que les données de campagne de masse....

Leadership for UHC: Participants’ Views 
Leadership for UHC: Participants’ Views 

The P4H Network’s flagship programme, Leadership for UHC (L4UHC), has been held in fifteen countries to date. Conceived as a journey of reflection, discovery and action for senior leaders, participants have described the programme as “one of the best things that ever...