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Unified Health System

The Unified Health System was established in the Federal Constitution of 1988 to provide universal access to the public health system in Brazil.Brazil's Unified Health System (SUS) is one of the largest and most complex public health systems in the world. It covers...

Medicare and Medicaid
United States of America

Medicare and Medicaid social security amendments were passed in 1965.  This legislation is the foundation for the two health insurance programs which respectively cover persons over the age of 65 years and people with limited income.

National Health Fund

The National Health Fund was created by Decree No. 64,867 of July 24, 1969, to be the financial administrator of the resources destined to the Unified Health System.The National Health Fund is the financial administrator of the resources destined to finance the...

Review of defragmentation of publicly subsidized health insurance schemes
India, Turkey, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Republic of Moldova, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of)

This document provides a review of efforts undertaken in four Indian states and several countries on the defragmentation of their health schemes. The document discusses health insurance reforms in various countries, with a focus on defragmentation of multiple health...

Framework note on PDSS reforms

This document defines the strategic and technical guidelines for accelerating the move towards CSU. It sets ambitious targets and defines the ways and means of achieving them, notably through a series of reforms and systemic innovations, which the Ministry of Health...

Evaluation of the Fonds Commun Santé in Niger

According to Article 2 of Order 354 of March 28, 2018 on the FCS, "the Common Fund is a multi-donor mechanism that centralizes and ensures the fiduciary management of all contributions, intended to support the implementation of the Health Development Plan." The main...

Malawi National Health Financing Strategy 2023-2030

Malawi is committed to attaining Universal Health Coverage (UHC), aiming to improve access to healthcare services without imposing excessive financial burdens on its citizens. Aligned with international commitments such as the Sustainable Development Goals, Malawi has...

Ethiopia Health Financing Strategy 2022-2031

The document outlines Ethiopia's Health Care Financing Strategy (HCF) spanning 2022-2031, building on past successes and challenges to advance towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) via Primary Health Care (PHC). It aims to ensure equitable access to essential health...

Health Financing Progress Matrix assessment

This report provides a concise summary of Ethiopia's Health Financing Progress Matrix assessment, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the health financing system, and priority areas of health financing that need to be addressed to drive progress towards Universal...

Making progress towards UHC through health financing reforms
Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's Health financing progress matrix report highlights the country’s progress towards Universal Health Care (UHC) through health financing reforms. The report underscores the country's commitment to strengthening pooling mechanisms, advancing provider...

AMU-Burkina: Pilot phase reviewed by stakeholders
AMU-Burkina: Pilot phase reviewed by stakeholders
Burkina Faso

From July 25 to 27, 2023, those involved in implementing the pilot phase of Universal Health Insurance (UHI). The meeting provided an opportunity to take stock of two years of implementation, and to make objective recommendations for the large-scale operationalization...

TANZANIA: Health financing reforms on track for universal health coverage
Tanzania, United Republic of

Tanzania's health reforms using funding schemes show promise for achieving universal health coverage, aligning with goals of strategic health purchasing. This Ifakara Health Institute Study highlights need for stronger financial autonomy for some schemes.Tanzania's...

National strategy for financing free health care in Niger

This strategy, based on linking the FBR to free healthcare and stimulating demand for healthcare through the FBR Communautaire, has been drawn up to guide the Nigerien government and its partners on strategic and harmonized implementation methods.