Bhutan supports and participates in regional health financing events including SEARO-WPRO Bi-regional Health Financing Policy Workshop held in New Delhi in 2017. These regional events aimed to enhance knowledge and best practices on health financing and social protection reforms and discuss technical and policy issues and options for countries to make progress towards UHC.  Bhutan supports P4H platform to facilitate country specific policy and technical discussions on health financing and social protection reforms and best practices in the regional context and learn from each other. The main focus that country aims to address is sustainability of quality and free health care policy for all. This would require innovative solutions to raise new funds with earmarked taxes such as sin taxes on alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy food and that could go directly go health. During the 2017 SEARO-WPRO bi-regional meeting, Bhutanese delegates have shown interest in P4H Network activities.

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