China supports and participates in regional health financing events including SEARO-WPRO Bi-regional Health Financing Policy Workshop held in 2016 and 2017. These regional events aimed to enhance knowledge and best practices on health financing and social protection reforms and discuss technical and policy issues and options for countries to make progress towards UHC.  China supports P4H platform to facilitate country specific policy and technical discussions on health financing and social protection reforms and best practices in the regional context and learn from each other. The main focus that country aims to further address is to control out-of-pocket payments by improving pooling, purchasing and benefit package design and strengthen capacities of primary health care providers. This would involve public financing including social health insurance and provider payment reforms. P4H partnership opportunities were discussed with Chinese officials during the World Health Assembly held in Geneva in May 2017.

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National UHC Dynamics Card China

To overcome potential healthcare access deficits and the risk associated with catastrophic health expenditure, countries need to develop a sustainable system of social health protection, aligned with the SDG 3.8.2. The National UHC Dynamic Cards help to identify specific needs and gaps by presenting all relevant information on the UHC process in various countries. In this way, countries can learn from each other to achieve and maintain Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Click here to see the UHC process in China