India is a P4H country with a designated country focal point. India's commitment to UHC is strong and clearly reflected in its policies and interventions. Progress towards UHC is gaining momentum and has witnessed significant health improvements over the past two decades; Covid-19 has further moved risk protection into the forefront of policymaking. P4H provides a platform to enhance knowledge and share best practices on health financing & social protection reforms, discuss technical & policy issues as options for progress towards UHC. 

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Lessons & Way Forward from the First Webinar on Health Financing in India

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Financing of Healthcare in India

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Health Insurance as a Healthcare Financing Mechanism in India: Key Strategic Insights

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Optimizing the use of existing pooled government funds for better health outcomes in India

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ESI Fact Sheet 2021

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Revisiting Ayushman Bharat Scheme: Win-win or win-lose?