Indonesia is a P4H partner country. Recently, P4H activities focused on improvements of the dynamics and coherence of collaboration, and building capacity in change management, communication and stakeholder interaction through a tailored version of the P4H Leadership for UHC (L4UHC) program. Indonesia actively supports and participates in regional health financing events including the Joint Network of Senior Budget and Health Officials on Fiscal Sustainability of Health Systems for the Asia Region held in May 2017 and SEARO-WPRO Bi-regional Health Financing Policy Workshops held in 2016 and 2017. These regional events aimed to enhance knowledge and best practices on health financing and social protection reforms and discuss technical and policy issues and options for countries to make progress towards UHC.  India welcomes P4H platform for Asian countries to facilitate policy and technical discussions on health financing and social protection reforms and best practices in the regional context and learn from each other.

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