Japan is one of the lead countries that promote UHC 2030 at global and regional levels. In collaboration with ADB, OECD, The Global Fund, World Bank and WHO, the government of Japan hosted the first meeting of the Joint Network of Senior Budget and Health Officials on Fiscal Sustainability of Health Systems for the Asia Region in May 2017. The network intends to support policy dialogues among budget officials from the finance and health ministries to address issues and challenges in health system budgeting, and identify effective policies to ensure the financial sustainability of health systems in the context of changing demographic, epidemiologic and economic conditions in the Region. Japan plans to host UHC Forum in Tokyo in December 2017. During the event, P4H Coordination Desk in collaboration with the Institute for Global Health Policy Research of Japan and University of Tokyo intends to organize a side event on regional networking for health financing and protection in Asia.

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