Korea (Republic of)

Republic of Korea supported and participated in the first meeting of the Joint Network of Senior Budget and Health Officials on Fiscal Sustainability of Health Systems for the Asia Region held in Tokyo, Japan in May 2017. The network intends to support policy dialogues among budget officials from the finance and health ministries to address issues and challenges in health system budgeting, and identify effective policies to ensure the financial sustainability of health systems in the context of changing demographic, epidemiologic and economic conditions in the Region. On the next steps, there was a general agreement to hold the next meeting as part of a larger Asia regional network event. P4H partnership potentials are under discussion with the Ministry of Health and the Korea Foundation for International Healthcare which indicated interests in P4H activities at country and regional levels because of their recent involvement in providing technical support to some countries in African and Asia.

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New document on Changes In Catastrophic Health Expenditures After A 2013 Health Insurance Expansion In South Korea is now available

ASEAN and Korea

South Korea and ASEAN to discuss collaboration regarding universal medical coverage and health security issues

Korea enhanced the COVID-19 response and childbirth care

Health Insurance Policy Deliberative Committee held on 25 February 2022

Social distancing adjustment plans to Omicron variant in Korea

Korean Government built COVID-19 response system in consideration of Omicron characteristics

at-home treatment

Korean government’s plan for at-home treatment

National UHC Dynamics Card South Korea

To overcome potential healthcare access deficits and the risk associated with catastrophic health expenditure, countries need to develop a sustainable system of social health protection, aligned with the SDG 3.8.2. The National UHC Dynamic Cards help to identify specific needs and gaps by presenting all relevant information on the UHC process in various countries. In this way, countries can learn from each other to achieve and maintain Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Click here to see the UHC process in South Korea.