Russian Federation

Now we’re actively working at following topics:

  1. Improvement of payment options in healthcare according with currently world approaches:
  • DRG-based hospital financing
  • Co-financing mechanism implementation
  1. Patient access schemes
  2. Development of healthcare quality control system:
  • Paying providers for performance
  • Health care quality criteria
  1. Adaptation of global health programs to existing:
  • UHC
  • Patient-oriented healthcare
  • Lean healthcare management
  • E-health
  1. Health technology assessment

Our vision of possible ways of partnership with P4H network:

  • Information and experience exchange (policy advice, expert opinion)
  • Methodological support in health research
  • International events

We are absolutely open for any collaboration and knowledge or experience exchange.

Follow us and let’s make health care better together!

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high tech care

Russia approved state guarantees of free medical care with access to high-technology medical care

Russian Ministry of Healthcare is expanding coverage and access to medicines under Medicines-2025 strategy


President Putin signed a law for user-friendly identification of insured status


Russia launched a hotline "AntiFakeCovid" to battle infodemia

Minister of Healthcare

Russian Ministry of Healthcare allowed simultaneous vaccination against COVID-19 and influenza


Ministry of Healthcare and the Ministry of Labor of Russia presented a pilot model to increase salaries of health care workers


Russia has reformed its mandatory health insurance system to improve governance and clarify responsibilities of stakeholders

National UHC Dynamics Card Russia

To overcome potential healthcare access deficits and the risk associated with catastrophic health expenditure, countries need to develop a sustainable system of social health protection, aligned with the SDG 3.8.2. The National UHC Dynamic Cards help to identify specific needs and gaps by presenting all relevant information on the UHC process in various countries. In this way, countries can learn from each other to achieve and maintain Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Click here to see the UHC process in Russia.