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Aminata Nana Tou | P4H Network

Country Focal Person History

Nov 2021 to Present

Aminata Nana Tou supports implementation of universal health coverage in Cameroon

As a technical advisor for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Aminata Nana Tou provides technical assistance for the implementation of Cameroon’s the health voucher mechanism. This mechanism is the flagship mechanism for the start of universal health coverage (UHC) in Cameroon. Another mechanism, health check, helps reduce financial barriers to accessing obstetrical and neonatal care. Health check also helps improve the quality of care through a third-party payment system for services.

Support on several topics

Aminata provides key technical assistance to support building effective and efficient management of health resources. First, she is supporting work aimed to speed reimbursement of benefits. This work includes health check, user fees, performance based financing. Second, Aminata is developing a procedures manual for phase 1 of Cameroon’s UHC programme. Third, she is strengthening the capacity of regional health promotion funds, supervising purchasing services. Fourth, Aminata is improving the financial governance of resources dedicated to purchasing services.

Coordination of technical and financial partners

Under the supervision of the WHO Country Office in Cameroon, Aminata provides support to the office’s secretariat and reports to the development partners’ health sector exchange group on resolutions and recommendations. She also organizes periodic discussions on better use of health resources among development partners in the exchange group’s health financing subcluster.

Case studies