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Jean-Francois Caremel | P4H Network

Country Focal Person History

Aug 2021 to Jan 2024

Jean-François Caremel fosters alignment in Niger

Jean-François Caremel has been working as a P4H country focal person (P4H-CFP) and with the Sustainable Financing for Health Accelerator (P4H/SFHA) in Niger since August 2021. His terms of reference are regularly reviewed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in conjunction with development partners in Niger. Based at the MOH’s Directorate of Studies and Programs, Jean-François facilitates the alignment of development partners with the National Health and Social Development Plan (PDDSS). His research and facilitation activities focus on health financing with the aim of accelerating progress towards universal health coverage (UHC). Jean-François provides analysis and technical assistance, helps develop strategies and improve the policy reform process, and works to enhance efficiency and accountability mechanisms.

Strengthening coordination

Jean-François’s work on coordination both informs and reflects themes addressed in the PDDSS monitoring framework and in meetings on health financing. Development partners, the MOH and the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Budget fully participate in this work. Coordination work improves the identification and alignment of interventions and projects development partners initiate and bolsters their integration with efforts already underway.

Supporting universal health coverage reforms

In the context of Niger’s health financing strategy, Jean-François supports three key actions in accelerators addressing UHC: alignment of health budget support; reform of the Common Health Fund; and operationalization of the National Health Insurance Institute, the authority responsible for communicating the related policy of free care to stakeholders and ensuring its long-term effectiveness.

Case studies